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Irrigation is a technique some people with end colostomies choose to select as an option to not wearing a pouch. Irrigation is a system designed to promote a 'regular' control of bowel habit whereby water is introduced into the bowel via a stoma cone irrigator into the stoma itself. It empties the colon of content so a pouch is not necessary to wear. Instead a discreet stoma cap with a filter is placed over the stoma. This allows for a timed emptying of the bowel each day.
Irrigation is not for every person with a colostomy and should be only undertaken after consultation with the surgeon and stomal therapy nurse to assess the suitability of the individual.
There are some very important reasons people should not irrigate. This should be discussed fully with the stomal therapy nurse.
The Hollister Irrigation systems come in a few varieties. The Starter Kit for instance contains all that is needed to commence irrigation. It comes complete with sleeves, water bag, belt, stoma lubricant, cone connector and cleaning brush. The replacement kit contains only the water bag, cone connector and cleaning brush. All items in both kits are available as single items also allowing for versatility.
Irrigator Water Bag
A flexible water reservoir with a capacity of around 2000ml with a protective spill lip and hanging points for mounting from hooks. It has approximate fluid measures down the side of the bag to assess the amount of fluid being introduced into the stoma.
Stoma Cone
A specialised cone tip tube that is inserted gently into the stoma to allow the introduction of fluid. This connects directly to the Water bag. The shape of the cone is designed to protect the stoma from accidental perforation, which may happen with ordinary tubing. It also acts as seal around the stoma opening to prevent fluid loss while irrigation is in process.
Irrigation Sleeve
A long drainable pouch affixed around the stoma or base plate and held there with a belt. It has an opening at the top to allow the introduction of the cone tip into the stoma opening. The bag can then be placed between the legs directly into the toilet while irrigation is in process. It also may be closed with the clamp allowing the wearer of the sleeve to move around if need while the colon continues to empty.
Stoma Lubricant
A water based lubricant for lubricating the stoma cone prior to insertion in the stoma.
Cleaning Brush
A flexible plastic brush designed to clean the end and inside of the cone tip. (Not available separately)
Stoma Cap
A small discreet pouch with an inbuilt filter for gas deodorisation and a pad inside for absorbency. This is for application to the stoma instead of a pouch. Comes in variety of sizes, styles and adhesives.
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