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Restore Foam Dressing without Border – TRIACT Technology

A foam dressing containing TRIACT lipido-colloid technology, which provides a moist wound interface and allows virtually pain-free removal. It also helps avoid trauma to delicate tissue upon removal.

  • Absorbent foam dressing with TRIACT wound interface layer
  • Virtually pain-free dressing removal
  • Can be cut to size
  • Easy to apply and helps reduce risk of maceration
  • Indicated for moderately to heavily exuding partial- and full-thickness wounds
  • Highly absorbent foam dressing manages exudate and helps protect the skin from maceration
  • Soft, semi-permeable backing

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Stock Number HCPCS Size Size (Metric) Order Quantity
Wound and Skin Care product samples are available to healthcare professionals only.
509380 A6209 2.5" x 2.5" 6 cm x 6 cm Box of 10
509381 A6209 4" x 4" 10 cm x 10 cm Box of 10
509382 A6210 6" x 6" 15 cm x 15 cm Box of 10
509384 A6210 Heel 4.7" x 7.5" Heel 12 cm x 19 cm Box of 10
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