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Helpful Hints
This section is devoted to sharing tips on ostomy care. Sometimes it is these small tips that can make a world of difference.
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Below is a list of current Helpful Hints. Visit the archives to view past Helpful Hints.
Application of Skin Barrier Rings
Submitted by Heather, WOC Nurse.
If using skin barrier rings, it is easier to place the ring on the skin barrier of the pouching system first before applying to the skin. This way, if the stoma functions, the barrier ring is not ruined. Although either way is acceptable, placing it on the skin barrier makes it easier to handle.
Application of Skin Barrier Rings
Best Time to Change a Pouch
Submitted by Joy, WOC Nurse.
The best time of the day to schedule a pouch change is first thing in the morning when the stoma is less active.
Best Time to Change a Pouch
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