Adhesive Border Barriers from Hollister Ostomy Care

Choose the skin barrier with confidence built in.

Surround your patients with confidence and less worry.
Adhesive Border Barriers help provide:

  • Peace of mind with an extra sense of security that surrounds the hydrocolloid barrier
  • Flexibility that moves with the body, stretching to adjust for a secure fit
  • Simplicity of an all-in-one solution that’s easy to use, with no extra accessories needed

Adhesive Border Barriers

Hollister Ostomy Care

Designed for Enhanced Sense of Security

  • Gentle on the skin while still giving the feeling of extra security
  • Thin edges help prevent lift from moisture or motion, which can help achieve desired wear time
  • Adhesive flexes and bends to move comfortably with the body

Designed for Diverse Bodies

Adhesive Border Barriers are an appropriate option for most patients, especially those with:

  • skin irregularities such as hernias, wrinkles, or scars
  • Anatomical challenges due to obesity or cachexia
  • Added need for a sense of security, or extra assurances to accommodate an active lifestyle
  • Increased desire for comfort and flexibility

Simple to Use

  • Easy to apply with no complicated extra steps
  • No additional accessories required to create an enhanced sense of security

See what Adhesive Border Barriers can do

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