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AnchorFast Oral Endotracheal Tube Fastener

With an esteemed history and over 20 years of demonstrated quality, AnchorFast products are trusted by clinicians in thousands of hospitals around the world. AnchorFast and AnchorFast Guard oral endotracheal tube fasteners combine a number of unique features to make them the right choice.


The AnchorFast Guard oral endotracheal tube fastener is the right choice for critical care teams who want an extra measure of protection for their patients. With the addition of integrated tube protection to our trusted securement system, the AnchorFast Guard fastener can help to bring a new level of confidence to the ICU.

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The AnchorFast oral endotracheal tube fastener combines a number of features that make it the right choice. It is designed to ease access to the oral cavity to help optimize oral care.

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