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Hollister Incorporated Celebrates Opening of New Hydrofera Plant

  • 10/5/2017
  • Corporate

On September 6, 2017, Hollister Incorporated celebrated the opening of its newest facility, the Hydrofera plant in Manchester, Connecticut. 

Hydrofera manufactures products for the Hollister Wound Care business, including Hydrofera Blue™, Hydrofera Blue READY™, and Hyrofera Blue READY Transfer antibacterial foam dressings. 

Hollister Incorporated acquired the Hydrofera business in 2012. Since then, Hollister has invested in and grown the business to the point where it has expanded beyond the confines of its original manufacturing plant in Willimantic, CT. 

The new facility in Manchester is more than 50 percent larger and more modernized than the Willimantic building. Additionally, the physical layout of the new plant was designed to enhance efficiencies; the operating environment is outfitted with modern air handling and lighting; and an advanced wastewater management system was put in place. The new plant is also poised for further expansion. The plant can be built out to add more space and, or, accommodate new product lines. About 50 employees currently work at the new facility.

Opening Ceremonies
The grand opening celebration featured executives from Hollister Incorporated as well as several local and state level representatives. 

Local dignitaries at the event included Jay Moran, mayor of Manchester, as well as Connecticut State Senator, Heather Somers. She presented the Hydrofera and Hollister teams with an official citation from the state of Connecticut congratulating the company on the opening of the new Hydrofera plant. 

Speakers included Tom Drury, the founder of Hydrofera. Tom talked about the early days of the business and managing its growth in the old building. JR Locey, General Manager, Global Wound Care, talked about the Hollister acquisition of Hydrofera and its transition to the Hollister family. Carolin Archibald, Vice President, North America, talked about the bright future that is ahead for Hydrofera. 

“This new building was designed for the continued growth of Hydrofera in mind,” said Carolin. “Hydrofera is a successful, acquired business for Hollister Incorporated. In addition, it’s a business that we continue to invest in and grow. This new plant is positioned well for the future.”

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