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CeraPlus Skin Barrier

Maintaining the right environments makes all the difference

Because Peristomal Skin Deserves Better.

The importance of peristomal skin health in ostomy care can't be overstated. The condition of this skin greatly affects how well the skin barrier can adhere, as well as the general comfort and well-being of patients living with a stoma. Maintaining healthy peristomal skin from the start is the ultimate goal.

CeraPlus skin barrier with Remois technology* has arrived.

Our newest skin barrier is infused with ceramide, the skin's naturally occurring protection against dryness. The CeraPlus skin barrier is designed to maintain adhesive properties, and features a formulation infused with ceramide to help:

    • Protect the skin's natural moisture barrier
    • Maintain good peristomal skin health
    • Decrease transepidermal water loss (TEWL) from damaged or eroded skin


* Remois is a technology of Alcare Co., Ltd.


The Importance of Healthy Skin


Curious about the CeraPlus skin barrier?

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