With 100% No Touch Protection...

The combination of protective tip and sleeve are why all VaPro™ catheters provide 100% No Touch Protection.

The protective tip

  • Helps shield the sterile catheter during insertion from bacteria located within the first 15mm of the distal urethra
  • Helps reduce the risk of carrying bacteria into the urinary tract

The protective sleeve

  • Allows for catheter to be gripped anywhere
  • Provides a barrier that helps keep germs away from the catheter

VaPro™ No Touch Intermittent Catheters: A Superior Choice for Complete Bladder Drainage

Sediment and mucus left in the bladder can be problematic. Watch and learn how VaPro™ Intermittent Catheters, with two optimally designed round eyelets, are designed for complete bladder drainage with 100% No Touch Protection.

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Discover the Improved VaPro Pocket™ and VaPro Plus Pocket™ Catheters.





VaPro™ catheters are easy to use

Ready to use right out of the package with no extra steps required

Designed with smooth rounded eyelets to enhance user comfort during insertion and withdrawal
Packaging designed with finger holes to be easy to open
Pocket-sized packaging for easy transportation and discreet out of home usage
  • Full Portfolio of VaPro Catheters
  • High User Satisfaction
  • The Proof Behind the Protective Tip
  • The Proof Behind the Protective Sleeve

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