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VaPro Plus Pocket™ No Touch Intermittent Catheter — 8in/20cm

VaPro Plus Pocket™ catheters provide 100% No Touch Protection with a protective tip and sleeve, and an integrated 1000ml collection bag for catheterization at home or on-the-go. No toilet or receptacle is needed.

The collection bag easy-to-open and easy-to-empty for cleaner handling.

VaPro Plus Pocket™ catheters are offered in pocket-sized packaging for easy transportation and discreet out of home usage.

  • The protective tip helps shield the sterile catheter during insertion from bacteria located within the first 15mm of the distal urethra, and helps reduce the risk of carrying bacteria into the urinary tract
  • The protective sleeve allows for the catheter to be gripped anywhere, provides a barrier to the catheter to help keep germs away, and is proven to prevent the transmission of pathogens that may cause UTIs
  • The combination of protective tip and sleeve creates a no touch system that is easy to use
  • Ready to use right out of the package with no extra steps
  • Designed with smooth rounded eyelets to enhance user comfort during insertion and withdrawal
  • The 1000ml integrated collection bag offers:
    • a tear line and tear stopper that make it easy to open
    • a handle and second finger hole that make it easy to empty
    • an anti-reflux valve to prevent urine backflow
    • printed measurements to help monitor the amount of urine
    • transparency to allow visual assessment of urine color
  • Packaging designed with finger hole to be easy to open
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Phthalates-free PVC material

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HCPCS: A4353

Rx Only

Add to Basket 71082-30 8 Fr/Ch 8"
(20 cm)
Straight, pocket Box of 30
Add to Basket 71102-30 10 Fr/Ch 8"
(20 cm)
Straight, pocket Box of 30
Add to Basket 71122-30 12 Fr/Ch 8"
(20 cm)
Straight, pocket Box of 30
Add to Basket 71142-30 14 Fr/Ch 8"
(20 cm)
Straight, pocket Box of 30
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