Infyna Chic™ Intermittent Catheter

The Infyna Chic™ catheter is beautiful, discreet and easy to use. Its aesthetically pleasing design offers a sense of normalcy without constant reminders of medical concerns. After use, simply reseal the case and dispose of the catheter without worry of leaks or odor.

  • Designed to be discreet to carry - before and after use​
  • Flip-top cap on catheter case is easy to open and close with just one hand​
  • Prehydrated hydrophilic catheter is ready to use right out of the case​
  • Does not stain common fabrics* if the contents are spilled
  • Easy to grip and remove catheter from the case​
  • Just right catheter stiffness helps support easy, touch-free insertion
  • Catheter length helps give confidence that the bladder is fully drained
  • Reseal case after use and dispose of catheter without leaks or odor​
  • Not made with PVC, DEHP, phthalates, or natural rubber latex​
  • Catheter case can be recycled​
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*Cotton, denim, linen and polyester.  Hollister Data on File, TR-00553, 2022.



Recycling the Infyna Chic™ catheter case

Image: Recycling symbolThe Infyna Chic™ catheter case can be recycled, and recycling is recommended as the best end-use disposal option. 

The Infyna Chic™ catheter case is made mostly from polypropylene, a commonly used plastic packaging material. Different types of plastic are identified with different numbers. The identification number for polypropylene is number five.

As recycling practices vary widely by market, please consult your local environmental authorities to understand the procedures for recycling polypropylene in your location.

Recycling the Infyna Chic™ catheter

Recycling of catheters is generally not recommended, as they are subject to regulations around the recycling of medical devices.


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