Infyna Chic™ Intermittent Catheter

Thoughtfully refined with women in mind

Subtle enhancements, improved outcomes

We’re committed to improving the self-catheterization experience for the women who chose us, so we’ve introduced some subtle yet significant changes to our Infyna Chic™ catheters.

As before, the Infyna Chic™ catheter is beautiful, discreet and easy to use. Its aesthetically pleasing design offers a sense of normalcy without constant reminders of medical concerns. After use, simply reseal the case and dispose of the catheter without worry of leaks or odor.



So, what’s improved?

  1. Clear catheter tube 
    aids visualization with the same catheter stiffness.1

  2. Longer catheter length 
    supports easy handling and helps give confidence the bladder can be fully drained.

  3. More lubricious coating 
    for more comfortable insertion.1


Better for you, better for the environment1

It’s important any improvements we make also use more sustainable materials – making a positive impact on the environment and for you. This is why the Infyna Chic™ catheter:
  • Has a recyclable case
  • Is made with 11% less plastic
  • Is not made with PVC, DEHP, phthalates, or natural rubber latex


4 out of 5 clinicians would recommend the enhanced version of the Infyna Chic™ intermittent catheter2

Life with Infyna Chic™ Catheters


Hear from Susi, an Infyna Chic™ catheter user

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Instructional Video


Watch and learn how to use Infyna Chic™ catheters

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Image - GDA Infyna Chic
As Awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design
Image - GDA Infyna Chic
As Awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum:
Museum of Architecture and Design

The Infyna Chic™ Catheter Wins Prestigious GOOD DESIGN® Award

Since 1950, GOOD DESIGN has become an internationally acknowledged benchmark and symbol of outstanding design that serves as a beacon for design-interested audiences in our global economies.

The GOOD DESIGN program recognizes the work of designers and manufacturers worldwide who have successfully undertaken the design challenge to produce the best and most outstanding products across the globe.


What are you waiting for?

Get ready to feel confident with the Infyna Chic™ catheter.




  1. When evaluated in comparison to the previous version of Infyna Chic™ catheters.
  2. Hollister Data on File, BA-08350R, 2021.
  3. Cotton, denim, linen & polyester.


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