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Hollister Incorporated Named Finalist for Innovation Leader’s 2020 IMPACT  Award

  • 10/20/2020
  • Corporate

Hollister Incorporated is proud to be named a finalist for Innovation Leader’s 2020 IMPACT Award for its rapid response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Hollister delivered aid to the world in a time of crisis, quickly and without disruption to operations. The international award honors companies and individuals that have achieved extraordinary outcomes related to their innovation programs. Hollister shares the stage with other innovative companies such as Medtronic, Novartis, and West Monroe. Click here to see the full list of finalists.

“The global crisis accelerated an unexpected, yet important effort that tested every node of our innovation ecosystem,” said Paul Fletter, Innovation Manager and Platform Administrator of the Hollister social innovation portal called Insights to Innovation (i2i). “With the right community in place to carry good ideas forward, cloud-based platforms scale our innovation reach and increase the diversity of the participants and the ideas they generate.”

The i2i platform was the ideal environment for collecting a vast number of ideas from Associates who suddenly were quarantined around the world. The online portal facilitated the submission, review, ranking, and reporting of ideas. The top ideas were implemented less than three weeks after the kick-off of the challenge because the Review Team was responsive enough to process the incoming ideas in near real time. 

To achieve maximum impact when implementing the ideas, Hollister partnered with local communities, small businesses, and schools that donated raw materials, distributed funding, and shared subject matter expertise to help the solutions come to life. The solutions included a way to help PPE-related skin injuries and a concept for a N95 mask that uses two nested vacuum-formed shells with layers of Hollister nonwoven trapped in between to act as a filtration medium.

“The record-breaking participation rate indicates that the online ideation campaign provided a much-needed outlet for human creativity. It also allowed Hollister Associates to stay connected during these challenging times and work together to help others battle the pandemic,” said Paola Wisner, Vice President, Research & Development. “The successful coordination and execution of this COVID Challenge is a testament to the innovation ecosystem we have nurtured for years at Hollister, and the excellent results speak for themselves.”


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