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Whether their day is ordinary or extraordinary the Onli catheter is there for them


Whether their day is ordinary or extraordinary, the Onli catheter is there for them

The Onli Catheter

Relief they can count on, whatever the
day may bring

  • The Onli catheter is designed for easy, every day use.
  • As easy to learn as it is to use, so you can be confident that your patients will be able to use the Onli catheter the right way at the right time.
Onli catheter

The catheter design provides a balance of flexibility and rigidity to support ease of insertion.

  1. Prehydrated and ready to use with reduced spill1 and no stain*2
  2. Smooth hydrophilic coating for easy insertion and withdrawal
  3. Ergonomic gripper on 16" catheter provides easy, touch-free insertion
  4. Easy open package
Onli catheter

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