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Ostomy Awareness Day is October 5, 2019

We're All in for Ostomy—Are You?

Going #AllinforOstomy means going all out to help people living with an ostomy to go all in for life. And that has always been our goal. We serve people living with and caring for ostomies, and we aim to meet their needs with education, innovative products, and personalized support. We are proud to stand with the entire ostomy community on Ostomy Awareness Day and every day to show that we are all in together.

Show your support with a Stoma Sticker

Having an ostomy can give someone a new chance at life. By wearing a "stoma" where people can see it, the stoma sticker is a great way to raise awareness, start a conversation, or show support for people living with or caring for ostomies. Request your free sticker today!

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Share a photo or video on social media and use the hasthtags #AllinforOstomy and #OstomyAwareness to be part of the conversation.


Hollister is proud to support ostomy awareness!

One of the best ways to celebrate is to get outside and enjoy living life. We are proud to continue supporting you as the Diamond Sponsor of United Ostomy Associations of America Run for Resilience Ostomy 5k events around the country. Come out with family and friends to a fun event for all ages at an official location near you. Stop by and say hello!

Sign up for an Ostomy 5k

Can't find an event hear you? Have a "virtual" run, walk, or roll in a favorite place of your choice. This is a great option for getting together with your local support group or friends in your area.

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Getting pumped up for the big day?

Check out the All in for Ostomy Spotify playlist for tunes to get you in the mood and moving.

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We're all about education

We believe knowledge is power — knowing more about living with an ostomy or understanding more about products and resources available to you can help empower you. This information can also help others better understand your experience. Check out these topics below:

Daily Confidence

We're going all in by helping to build confidence

The Right Pouch

The type of ostomy you have, your lifestyle and daily activities, personal preference, and skin health all play a part in choosing the perfect pouch for you. With the right pouch, you will have the confidence to embrace your "new normal."

Healthy Skin

For your pouching system to adhere properly, the skin around your stoma must be healthy. Choosing the right pouch and taking special care to improve and preserve skin health will help you feel comfortable with your ostomy.

Peace of Mind

With the right pouch and healthy skin for it to adhere to, the risk of leakage goes down. And with less leakage, you'll have greater peace of mind. Achieving the right balance is possible with the proper help and support.

We believe that when you know more about living with an ostomy, you can do more to live better.

Visit our Ostomy Care Learning center for more resources.

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More Ways to Get Involved

The theme of Ostomy Awareness Day 2019, brought to you by United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA), is "Ostomies are Life-Savers," emphasizing the impact that a stoma can have on someone's life. Find more ways to raise awareness and get involved.

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