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This limited run series follows a group of people in the UK living with a stoma. Join Gill, Eve, Chris, Kelly, Ed, and Alice as they describe their challenges and breakthroughs with illness, symptom management, mental well-being, pregnancy, workplace conversations, and more. Together with host Sue Lennon, each conversation helps to shine a light on the lived experience of illness, the positive impact stoma surgery can have, and the power of every person living with a stoma. 

Host: Sue Lennon

Sue is a nurse, therapist, educator, and coach with nearly three decades of experience in oncology nursing including urology and stoma care. She values nurse-patient communication and provides truly holistic care with her deep understanding of "lived experience of illness."


Podcast Episode #1: Overcoming Emotion With Courage and Strength

Eve is passionate about her beautiful family and puppy. Along with her husband, she lives an active life. Eve has recently changed careers as a direct result of her journey, and is looking forward to working as a Stoma Care Nurse.

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Podcast Episode #2: Helping Other Ostomates in Their Journey

As a father of two, family is at the core of Chris' life. He spends his free time walking long distances in and around the North East of England, walking over 400 miles already this year! Chris has had a very complicated medical history, yet continues to have a positive outlook on life with the help of family and friends.

Kelly is a horse enthusiast, spending much of her free time at the stables and horse riding. She is the proud mother of four amazing children who have supported her through the journey of accepting her stoma.

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Podcast Episode #3: Changing the Conversation in the Workplace

Ed is a serving Custody Sergeant with the Cleveland Police living with a permanent ileostomy. He maintains a very active family and work life. He is passionate about bringing visibility to those living with an invisible illness.

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Podcast Episode #4: Empowering You to Own Your Journey

Gill has a colostomy as a result of catastrophic injuries sustained during the birth of her child. She shares her story of taking part in triathlons and endurance activities, sky diving, scuba diving, and open water swimming. Gill aims to be the first ever ostomate to complete the English Channel swim! She is a passionate advocate for ostomates, believing that everyone can be active, happy, and live a fulfilling life with a stoma.

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Podcast Episode #5: Healing is a Journey – Invest in Yourself!

Alice firmly believes her stoma surgery was life changing! Her career in the UK’s Food Standards Agency is focused on research into people's attitudes and practices around food. Alice is happily married, and her daughter is at the core of an active family life. She cares deeply about the environment, and family time is often spent exploring parks and wildlife, and “re-wilding” the local area.

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