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Urinary Leg Bag – Sterile

Hollister leg bags maintain a low profile as they rest discreetly against the leg with soft, pleated sides.

  • Anti-reflux valve helps prevent urine backflow into the tubing
  • Convenience drain with easy-to-operate drain valve
  • Low-profile buttons on the bags help decrease the risk of pressure points while securing the bag
  • Available in a discreet 540 mL or 900 mL capacity
  • Not made with natural rubber latex, contains sterile components
  • Available in a combination pack

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Request Free Sample Stock Number Length Width Volume approx. Order Quantity

HCPCS:  A9270
HCPCS:  A4358 (if straps are added)

Add to Basket 9805 11-1/8"
(28 cm)
(12 cm)
30 oz
(900 mL)
Box of 10
Add to Basket 9814 10"
(25 cm)
(10 cm)
18 oz
(540 mL)
Box of 10
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