Wound Drainage Collector – Non Sterile, with Barrier

A one-piece, drainable pouching system that has an integrated soft tap at the bottom of the pouch, which allows it to be connected to a bedside collector without the use of an adapter. These pouches are suitable for draining wounds, fistulas, tube sites, or fecal stomas with liquid drainage. The FlexWear™ barrier is a skin barrier that provides excellent adhesion to the skin and is designed to be worn for more than one day. An access window allows for easy assessment without removing the pouch.

  • Drainable pouch with soft tap
  • FlexWear™ (standard wear) skin barrier, flat
  • Ultra-clear odor-barrier pouch film
  • Hinged access window
  • Cut-to-fit skin barrier with no starter hole
  • No tape border
  • Non sterile
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

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Stock Number Size Order Quantity

HCPCS: A6154

9773 Small, for wounds up to 3"
(up to 7.6 cm)
Box of 10
9776 Medium, for wounds up to 3-3/4"
(up to 9.5 cm)
Box of 10
9778 Large, for wounds up to 4" x 8"
(up to 10 cm x 20 cm)
Box of 3
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