This Closed Pouch is Being Discontinued


Due to challenges with the availability of key materials, Closed Pouches using QuietWear™ Material will no longer be available after the supply has run out. We realize that having to say goodbye to a product you’ve come to know and trust can be disruptive.

We are committed to ensuring you have the best possible experience with your ostomy products. Please see below to find replacement product options that may be as effective – or better – than your current products.

Consider choosing a CeraPlus™ Soft Convex pouch*

CeraPlus™ Soft Convex pouches feature a skin-friendly ceramide-infused skin barrier to help keep peristomal skin healthy. 

  • Provide a secure and comfortable fit
  • Protect from leakage
  • Easy to use


Use the CeraPlus™ Product Selector to find the right CeraPlus™ Product for you.

The Product Selector consists of a quick assessment with seven simple questions, which will take about five minutes. Once complete you will be offered a free sample and further support from the Hollister team.



Access the CeraPlus™ Product Selector

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For help finding a replacement product:

  1. The CeraPlus™ Line of Ostomy Products* gives your skin the advanced protection it deserves. Use the CeraPlus™ Product Selector to find the right product for you. 
  1. Contact your local WOC Nurse. Visit Find a WOC Nurse to find a WOC Nurse near you. 
  1. Reach out to Secure Start℠ services for personalized support and free samples: 

     Call Us: 1-888-808-7456

     Email Us:



Remois-Logo_50x44   *CeraPlus skin barriers contain the Remois technology of Alcare Co., Ltd.