Rick Testimonial


Innovation Management Office

Where you start your career at Hollister isn’t always where you stay.

Since joining Hollister more than eight years ago, I’ve had opportunities to grow and develop in my career in ways that I would not have had anywhere else. 

I began my career in R&D as a new product development engineer. After a few years, I took a position as an associate product manager in the global marketing organization and then as a product manager in the US. 

Having the flexibility and support from my R&D manager to move from a product development role to a marketing role was tremendous. I gained so much knowledge about the business and our products. I also had greater interactions with the people who use our products and saw firsthand how we really make a difference in their lives. 

I recently returned to R&D to lead innovation efforts for our new products worldwide.  The experiences I’ve had with our customers and the insights that I have gained are helping me make our products even better.

We have a collaborative and supportive culture here at Hollister, and that gives you the ability to learn and grow outside of your area of expertise. Also, the fact that our products help so many people makes our work that much more rewarding.  

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