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Hollister Secure Start Services:
We are part of an important team supporting your care!


You are not alone! In addition to your healthcare professional, there is another team supporting you. This team includes the company that manufactures your ostomy or continence products. Hollister Incorporated is an example of a manufacturer of ostomy and continence products.

This team also includes the supplier that sells you your ostomy or continence products for your on-going needs. Your on-going supplies can often be delivered directly to your home address. Your supplier may offer many different types of products from a variety of manufacturers and brands.

And then there is Hollister Secure Start Services – we provide free, on-going support for your ostomy or continence needs, regardless of the brand of products you use. One of our service offerings is to help you identify product supplier options who accept your insurance and who can provide you with your preferred catheters or ostomy products. Once you have chosen a supplier, we can help connect you to that supplier so you can order products for your on-going needs.

The right products can make a difference.

Having access to the right products may offer you the security and confidence to live the life you want to live. We understand that it can take time to find products that work best for you. As a consumer, you have a say in the products you use for your care. If your supplier switches you from your preferred products without your consent, please call us at 1.888.808.7456 to learn your options.