A Day in the Life of Cole and Charisma

Cole and his wife Charisma share a glimpse into their daily life as an interracial and interabled couple.

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Watch a video about Cole, who lives with a spinal cord injury, and his wife Charisma.

From the very beginning, people have asked Cole and Charisma how they make their relationship work – not only as an interracial couple, but also as an interabled couple.

To enlighten those within and outside the disabled community, they started a YouTube channel called Roll With Cole & Charisma that focuses on their life together. The channel has more than 740,000 subscribers and the pair uploads weekly videos for their devoted fans. They capture moments of their daily life and educate viewers on what it’s like to live with a spinal cord injury. They aim to share a message of “positivity, inclusion, and keeping a great attitude no matter your circumstances.”


Cole Rolls video


In this video, Cole discusses how he became paralyzed at age 16 and how he has dealt with his spinal cord injury. He shares a glimpse into his morning routine, his workday, and how he chooses to wind down in the evening.

Charisma joins Cole to share her experience as a caregiver and answers the common question, “Does Cole’s disability affect intimacy?” In addition, Cole shares how he uses the Hollister VaPro Plus Pocket™ catheter, among other products that make his life easier and more accessible.

You can find Cole and Charisma on YouTube and TikTok, and follow Cole on Instagram.


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