Skin Health Alliance Accreditation for Ostomy Products

  • 1/2/2024
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We are delighted to announce that Hollister CeraPlus™ ostomy products* of ostomy skin barriers and accessories have received Global dermatological accreditation from the Skin Health Alliance (SHA). A person living with a stoma can face many challenges, and one of the greatest is maintaining the integrity and health of the skin around the stoma (peristomal skin). 

Compromised peristomal skin can cause leakages, irritation, and pain, leading to negative impacts on social life, an increase in healthcare visits and costs, and a significant decline in quality of life1. Using an ostomy product that is accredited by the SHA may offer an additional level of security and reassurance to a person living with a stoma. 

In addition to the current rigorous safety testing our products go through, the SHA accreditation signifies that the Hollister CeraPlus ostomy products have been independently verified by a specialist panel. The specialist panel of dermatologists and skin scientists ensured the Hollister CeraPlus products meet a unique set of SHA safety and efficacy criteria, including ensuring the materials and final formulations align with regulatory standards2

Incidences of peristomal skin complications have been reported as high as 75 percent3, but this does not mean that skin problems are a normal part of living with a stoma. The skin around a stoma should be the same as the rest of the person’s skin, and the goal for Hollister is to help people using ostomy products to maintain healthy peristomal skin from the start of their journey.

Featuring innovative active barrier technology, Hollister CeraPlus ostomy products may help prevent skin problems and keep skin healthy from the beginning. By choosing Hollister CeraPlus ostomy products, people using stoma pouches can have the confidence and pride of knowing their pouch helps protect their skin, empowering them to live their life to the fullest. 

Hollister, with the accreditation from the SHA, is dedicated to improving the experience of each unique person, making life more rewarding for the people who use our products. 

James Stalley from the Skin Health Alliance, said: 

“We are pleased to welcome Hollister Incorporated to the group of brands who have achieved our accreditation, demonstrating their commitment to promoting healthy skin in their products. This accreditation has been awarded after our specialist panel independently reviewed the Hollister CeraPlus portfolio to ensure their materials and formulations meet a unique set of SHA safety and efficacy criteria.”


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Remois-Logo_50x44*CeraPlus Products contain the Remois Technology of Alcare Co., Ltd.