When you have a stoma, finding the right ostomy products is very important. A pouching system that works well can not only make you feel secure and confident, but also keep the skin around your stoma healthy.

At Hollister, we are dedicated to developing products that help people with ostomies live their lives to the fullest. In the testimonials below, you can meet some of the people behind our products – and learn about the successes they’ve had using CeraPlus™ ostomy pouches, skin barriers, and accessories.

Leighton M. 

Wales, UK
Living with an ostomy since 2011


About Leighton:

Leighton had stoma surgery as a result of bowel cancer. He speaks enthusiastically about how his ostomy led to a change in the purpose of his life and a commitment to helping others. Leighton is positive and open about his journey. His stoma is now considered one of the family – and they fondly refer to it by the nickname Fudge! 

Leighton's favorite ostomy products: 

Leighton's product success story:

"Hollister CeraPlus™ Ostomy Products transformed night times for me. Thanks to the two-piece pouching system I get seven hours of sleep. If I change my bag at midnight, nine times out of 10 I don’t need to empty my bag again until I wake up in the morning. Also, I find the CeraPlus™ Closed Pouches excellent for intimate moments because they don’t have a hard edge, and it’s a more comfortable experience. I’m happy to talk about these things as I’m so passionate about raising awareness. 

CeraPlus™ Products, coupled with my positive mindset, helped give me my life back. I’d urge any new ostomate, or their family members, to reach out to the community for support; Hollister can help and social media can be useful. Remember, you’re not on your own! 

Now that I use the CeraPlus™ Products, my life isn’t any different from anyone else’s. In fact, to one extent, it’s a bit simpler – when I’m at an event like a music festival, I don’t have to use a smelly portaloo (portable toilet) or go into any of those dingy areas! 

No one should accept itchy, irritated peristomal skin as part of life with a stoma. I have noticed that Hollister is devoted to providing products with a secure, comfortable fit, to protect us ostomates from leakage, and to keep our healthy skin healthy."



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