Ostomy Care Online Course

Take our online course in Ostomy Care to learn about pouching systems, ostomy accessories, problem solving, and more.


Hollister Ostomy Care Available Lessons

Hollister Education has developed an online course in Ostomy Care that offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to learn more about this specialized area of care. There are five lessons in total, with an assessment at the conclusion of each. You can view them in any order. Topics include – an Ostomy Overview, Pouching Systems, Ostomy Accessories, Problem Solving, and Education and Resources. Each lesson contains a glossary of terms and references.
Important note: Please consider all information provided on an individual basis.

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Lesson 1: Ostomy Overview

Ostomy Lesson 1

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Lesson 2: Pouching Systems

Ostomy Lesson 2

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Lesson 3: Ostomy Accessories

Ostomy Lesson 3

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Lesson 4: Problem Solving

Ostomy Lesson 4

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Lesson 5: Education and Resources

Ostomy Lesson 5

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