Routine Ostomy Skin Care

Healthy peristomal skin starts with a simple skin care routine. Discover some basic tips to help you avoid peristomal skin complications.

Routine Ostomy Skin Care

Learn peristomal skin care tips.

Making sure the skin around your stoma, or your peristomal skin, is healthy should be an important part of your daily overall ostomy routine. Here are four “tried-and-true” skin care tips that will help you avoid troublesome peristomal skin complications.

  1. Remember, less is better when caring for the skin around your stoma. For most people, water is sufficient for cleaning the skin
  2. If soap is needed, use a mild one without lotions or creams that may leave a residue or film on your skin. This can interfere with the skin barrier adhesive
  3. Using a skin prepping wipe before applying an extended wear skin barrier may decrease your wear time
  4. Things NOT recommended for routine peristomal skin care: soap with lotion, creams, lotions, powders, baby wipes, isopropyl alcohol, steroidal medications, or ointments

Most important of all, remember that no skin irritation is “normal.” If you discover you have red, broken or irritated skin, seek the assistance of a qualified healthcare professional like a stoma care nurse.