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Restore Calcium Alginate Dressing – Silver

A sterile, non-woven calcium alginate dressing composed of an ionic silver complex (silver sodium hydrogen zirconium phosphate), which releases silver ions in the presence of wound exudate.

  • Highly absorptive
  • Effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms over a period of up to 14 days, based on in vitro testing (which is beyond indicated wear time), including MRSA, VRE, and fungi
  • Effective antimicrobial agent against a broad spectrum of microorganisms
  • Indicated for moderately to heavily exuding partial- and full-thickness wounds
  • Helps maintain a moist wound environment — creates a conformable, protective gel when in contact with exudate
  • Intact, one-piece removal

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Stock Number HCPCS Size Size (Metric) Order Quantity Request Free Sample
Wound and Skin Care product samples are available to healthcare professionals only.
529967 A6196 2" x 2" 5 cm x 5 cm Box of 10 Add to Basket
529968 A6197 4" x 4.75" 10 cm x 10 cm Box of 10 Add to Basket
529969 A6199 12" rope 30.5 cm rope Box of 5 Add to Basket
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Restore Calcium Alginate – Silver Instructions for Use

Prior to use, be sure to read the Instructions for Use for information regarding Intended Use, Contraindications, Warnings, Precautions, and Instructions.