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New Image™ Flat FormaFlex™ Skin Barrier

This skin barrier is part of a two-piece pouching system. The FormaFlex™ barrier is an extended wear skin barrier with a specialized formulation that is designed to be stretched and shaped by hand without the use of scissors. The skin barrier has an integrated floating flange, which allows fingers to be placed under the flange, to help minimize pressure on the abdomen when attaching a pouch.

  • Skin barrier with integrated beige floating flange
  • FormaFlex™ (extended wear) skin barrier, flat
  • Shape-to-fit skin barrier with starter hole
  • Tape border
  • Designed to be used with any New Image™ drainable, closed, or urostomy pouch with same flange size
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

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Request Free Sample Stock Number Color Match Flange Size Opening Order Quantity
HCPCS: A4409
Add to Basket 14102 Green 1-3/4"
(44 mm)
1/2" - 1-1/4"
(13 - 32 mm)
Box of 5
Add to Basket 14103 Red 2-1/4"
(57 mm)
5/8" - 1-11/16"
(16 - 43 mm)
Box of 5
Add to Basket 14104 Blue 2-3/4"
(70 mm)
5/8" - 2-1/4"
(16 - 57 mm)
Box of 5
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