Hollister Associate Stories

Across our company and in everything we do, our Mission is to make life more rewarding and dignified for the people who use our products and services. Our culture and our Immutable Principles — dignity of the person, service, integrity, and stewardship — guide us in the decisions we make, the ways we interact with others, and how we serve our customers. That is what makes Hollister Incorporated such a great place to work. Read our Associate Stories below to find out what it is like to be a Hollister Associate. While each story shares a unique career experience, they all convey how committed we are to what we do, how we succeed, and how we live our Mission.


Joined Hollister Incorporated in 2014

Hollister feels more like a family to me than just a work environment.

I was working in marketing for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, so I was familiar with the industry before I joined Hollister. I immediately felt a difference from my previous job. From day one my new Hollister colleagues were cooperative, friendly, honest, appreciative and caring. By the end of my first week, I felt integrated, as if I’d been a part of the company for years. This strong culture has made me feel supported from my first day as a junior product manager in Germany, through my growing responsibilities in global marketing today. Hollister feels more like a family to me than just a work environment.

I have an entrepreneur’s spirit and a passion for marketing. Hollister is the perfect place for me to work because they nurture these attributes. A lot of my projects involve looking for new business opportunities and finding promising product solutions for global markets. In many ways, I feel like an explorer traveling around the world and learning about peoples, cultures, and behaviors. The goals of these explorations are to find the best product solution for the future and to make life more rewarding and dignified to those who use our products and services.

Hollister has guideposts called “Immutable Principles” that define what it means to be an associate. All the Immutable Principles are important to me, and truly guide me through my continuing journey at Hollister. Dignity of the Person motivates me as I work on product innovations and promotions. Human dignity is sacred to me, as I work to make life more rewarding and dignified for our customers. Service isn’t just a word to me, but a promise I try and fulfill every day to improve the quality of life for customers. Integrity is a virtual that motivates me to always do my best, and take satisfaction in knowing the job is done right. Finally, I embrace Stewardship for our customers, for my colleagues, and for the whole company. It gives me a good feeling to work on something meaningful that has a positive impact on a person’s life.

We Make Life More Rewarding and Dignified