A Framework for Selecting the Right Convex Skin Barrier

Learn about how an international panel of experts is making it easier to evaluate and choose convex ostomy skin barriers.

Select the right convex barrier

Convex ostomy skin barriers have been available for decades and clinicians rely on them to improve patient outcomes.1 Convex products have continued to evolve but, unfortunately, the evidence to support using them is still lacking. Consequently, clinicians need to rely on their own experience to select the right convex skin barriers for their patients.

Prior research has attempted to identify the fundamental characteristics of convex skin barriers. Existing definitions, however, do not provide sufficient detail or quantifiable measures that clinicians can use to compare product features – either between manufacturers, or within a manufacturer’s product line.

Hollister recently sponsored an international panel of stoma care experts to help fill this knowledge gap. The panel reached consensus on the fundamental characteristics of convex skin barriers, which will provide both generalist and specialist clinicians with a framework to help them select the right products. In addition, the framework will provide a basis for researchers to design clinical trials that evaluate the various features of convex skin barriers, and ensure that people with ostomies achieve the right fit and maintain healthy peristomal skin.

1. Colwell J. Chapter 10. Selection of pouching system. In: Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society Core Curriculum. Ostomy Management. Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer; 2016.

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