A Tool to Help You Select the Right Ostomy Products for Your Patients

Let us help you find the CeraPlus™ Products* that will give the people you care for the security they need to enable healthy skin in their daily life.

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Seven questions. One result.

Selecting the right ostomy product doesn’t have to be difficult. Hollister created the Product Selector Tool just for this purpose.

The Product Selector Tool helps clinicians and people living with an ostomy determine which product is the best match, to ensure a secure seal and maintain skin health.

The tool includes just seven questions, which gather information about the stoma, the peristomal skin, and the shape of the abdomen. The questions are presented with definitions, tips, and images to help ensure they are answered correctly.

Once the assessment is complete, the tool provides a product recommendation based on the responses. There is also an opportunity to personalize the ostomy system with an accessory, if needed.

We believe that the skin around the stoma deserves advanced protection. So let us help ensure those living with an ostomy get the right products to live a rewarding and dignified life.


Remois-Logo_50x44   *Contains the Remois Technology of Alcare Co., Ltd.