Why Use Ostomy Accessories? Personalization, Security, and Confidence.

Using ostomy accessories to create a personalized pouching system can help you prevent leaks and protect your skin. It can also give you an added sense of security, increase your confidence, and even help you sleep better.

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Learn about the physical and emotional benefits of using ostomy accessories.

Developing an ostomy care routine is part of living with a stoma. But even when you’re doing everything right, you may still be concerned about leaks and skin irritation – which can make you feel insecure and less confident.

Integrating ostomy accessories into your daily care routine can provide important physical benefits, such as helping to prevent stoma fluid leakage and protecting your peristomal skin. In addition, accessory usage may also offer “feel-good” benefits. A recent survey revealed top ranking emotional reasons why people with ostomies choose to use accessories*:

  • Security – feeling secure, knowing that your pouching system will perform as expected
  • Confidence – feeling confident, knowing that you can go about your day without worrying about your pouching system leaking
  • Better Sleep – getting better quality rest, with fewer interruptions

Basically, accessories allow you to create a personalized ostomy pouching system. When your pouch fits well and your skin is protected from leakage, you feel more secure, confident, and comfortable. The right ostomy accessories can help you do more of what you love with less worry.

Many people with ostomies are realizing the benefits of accessories. In another recent survey, 78% shared that they consider accessories to be a way to customize their pouching system and achieve a personalized fit.*

Two ostomy accessories to consider

There are many different types of ostomy accessory products. One accessory that many people with ostomies use is the barrier ring. Barrier rings help prevent leaks by sealing the gap between your stoma and the skin barrier. When the barrier ring is in place, it fills in uneven skin contours around the stoma to create a flatter surface – which helps prevent ostomy drainage from getting under your barrier.

One option to try is the CeraRing™ barrier ring. CeraRing™ barrier rings help prevent leakage and are infused with ceramide to protect the skin. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are flexible and moldable. They provide a secure, personalized, and comfortable skin barrier fit.

Barrier extenders are another popular ostomy accessory. They help prevent leakage by holding the skin barrier in place and reducing barrier edge lifting.

One option to try is CeraPlus™ Barrier Extenders. CeraPlus™ Barrier Extenders are infused with ceramide to keep your skin healthy and provide an added sense of security by framing the skin barrier with a thin, flexible hydrocolloid adhesive. Three individual pieces can be positioned for a personalized fit. CeraPlus™ Barrier Extenders conform easily to the natural folds and movement of the body, helping to increase barrier wear time and deliver an extra boost of confidence throughout the day.

Ostomy accessories can help you live your life to the fullest

With easy-to-use ostomy accessories on your side, you can personalize your ostomy pouching system and experience both physical and emotional benefits. Accessories can not only help prevent leaks and protect your skin, but also help you feel more secure, confident, and comfortable as you go about your daily life.

Imagine waking up well-rested and all you’re thinking about is your favorite morning drink. Or focusing on what delicious snack to make for your movie night at home. Or choosing a great outfit to wear out to dinner with friends. When your pouching system is performing as it should, you can put worries about leakage and skin irritation aside and enjoy all the moments in your life.


* Based on 400 respondents. Hollister data on file, ref-03059, 2022