Your Ostomy Pouching System and Wear Time

Many factors can affect the frequency of your pouching system changes, including your stoma type. Explore what impacts wear time and how you can extend it.

Your Pouching Systems and Wear Time

Learn about pouching system wear time.

Some of the most common questions people have after ostomy surgery are about how often a pouching system should be changed. Let’s look at some things that can affect the life of your pouching system, as well as some ways to increase wear time.

Factors that affect wear time

Many variables can affect how long you can wear your skin barrier and pouch. A lot depends on the stoma type, location and type of output. Here are a few other factors that will likely impact your wear time:

  • Type of stoma output – liquid, pasty or more formed
  • How much your stoma sticks out from your skin
  • Climate, your activity level and how much you perspire
  • The condition of the skin around your stoma
  • Creases, folds and wrinkles in areas around your stoma
  • Type of skin barrier used
  • Skin products used underneath the skin barrier

Wear time tips

Proper fit, good skin hygiene and a regular schedule will help maximise wear time. With good ostomy care habits, you can wear your pouching system longer for greater convenience and fewer issues. Plus, you’ll get the most from your ostomy supplies.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • A skin barrier is usually changed every three or four days (or about twice a week). Every person has their own routine, however, so find what works best for you.
  • Plan your pouch change for a time that works well for you. Don’t wait until your pouch begins to leak or pull away from your skin.
  • If your wear time becomes unpredictable, consult your ostomy care nurse
  • If you have trouble getting your skin barrier to stay in place on your skin, you may need to get some help with fitting and product selection. Talk to your ostomy care nurse.