Intermittent Catheter Reimbursement in the U.S.

The ever-changing healthcare landscape may raise many questions around reimbursement and coverage of intermittent catheters. But we'd like to make it a little simpler.


Onli™ Intermittent Catheter

  • Code A4351 reimbursement
  • Prehydrated and ready to use with pure water vapor hydration technology
  • Ergonomic gripper on 16" catheter
  • Easy open package


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VaPro Plus_product_150x150

VaPro Touch Free Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter

  • Code A4353 reimbursement
  • Coudé available under Code A4352
  • Prehydrated and ready to use with pure water vapor hydration technology
  • Protective tip and sleeve
  • Integrated collection bag with handle

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Coding Guidelines and Coverage Guidance

  • Code A4351 Coding Guidelines and Coverage Guidance
  • Code A4352 Coding Guidelines and Coverage Guidance
  • Code A4353 Coding Guidelines and Coverage Guidance

Still have questions on reimbursement?

Hollister Secure Start services can provide answers for you and your patients.

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Hollister Secure Start services are unique and designed to support people as they live their lives with ostomy or bladder management issues. These services are free of charge, and there is no obligation to purchase anything to receive them. Product samples are provided for the patient’s trial use and cannot be resold or billed. There is no obligation to accept samples or participate in insurance-matching to identify supplier options. Hollister reserves the right to change Hollister Secure Start services at any time.

The reimbursement information provided herein is intended to provide general information concerning coding of Hollister products only. Hollister does not guarantee coverage or payment for any product. The ultimate responsibility for proper coding, satisfying reimbursement requirements, and obtaining reimbursement remains with the provider. Coding and coverage policies and guidelines are complex, can vary from one carrier or region to another, and are updated frequently. Providers should check with their local carriers or intermediaries often and should consult with counsel, a reimbursement specialist, and/or DMECS website for any coding, coverage, reimbursement, or billing questions.