Peristomal Skin Health Webinar Series

Learn how to prevent and manage your patients' peristomal skin complications.


Hollister Ostomy Care Confidential

A New Perspective: Peristomal Skin Health Series

Hollister has developed a Peristomal Skin Health webinar series to help healthcare professionals be proactive in the prevention and management of peristomal skin complications (PSCs). Topics covered include the unseen impacts of peristomal skin complications on quality of life and the healthcare system, peristomal itching in the absence of visible skin problems, how ceramides can help maintain skin barrier function, and the relationship between transepidermal water loss and peristomal skin health.

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Program 1: The Unseen Impact of Peristomal Skin Complications


The impact of peristomal skin complications (PSCs) often extends beyond the discomfort and management challenges they present to you and your patients. There are unseen impacts that may not be readily obvious. This education webinar will explore the impact of PSCs on your patients’ quality of life, as well as the economic impact of complication management within your practice and facility.

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Program 2: Peristomal Itching in the Absence of Visible Skin Problems


Peristomal skin complications (PSCs) are usually obvious to the patient and the stoma care nurse. There are times, however, when your patient may experience peristomal skin discomfort in the absence of skin irritation. This education webinar will explore peristomal skin itching that occurs with intact and non-reddened skin. Two separate surveys on the topic of peristomal skin sensations were reviewed and results are presented.

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Program 3: How Ceramides Are Changing Our Thinking About Peristomal Skin Health


Prevention and management of peristomal skin complications (PSCs) can have a profound impact on the quality of life for people living with a stoma. This educational webinar will educate you about the healthy structure and function of the peristomal skin and help you to better understand how ceramides are a natural component of healthy skin and can help maintain skin health.

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Program 4: The Relationship Between Transepidermal Water Loss and Peristomal Skin Health — Stripping Down the Science of Peristomal Skin Injury


Have you considered the relationship between Peristomal Moisture Associated Skin Damage (PMASD), Peristomal Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury (PMARSI) and Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL)? This educational webinar will explore these areas and list interventions for the prevention of peristomal skin complications and the decrease of peristomal TEWL.

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