Your Voices Give Us Purpose

Feedback from Hollister Secure Start services members reinforces our commitment to helping people with ostomies live their lives to the fullest.

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Read comments from the community about the ostomy care and personalized support they receive from the Hollister Secure Start services team.

If you’re a Hollister Secure Start services member, we know that you rely on us for more than just help with ostomy supplies. We’re proud that you also trust us with your questions and concerns. From what we hear, you believe that the heart of Secure Start services is our personal touch. This includes our knowledgeable representatives, our useful educational materials, and our participation in ostomy community events.

We are honored to support you in times of crisis and in times of joy. We have heard your voices and have worked hard to provide you with the best ostomy care and support possible. Your feedback affirms our Mission to help people with ostomies live rewarding and dignified lives.

Read some comments from our members about their interactions with Hollister Secure Start services representatives:

From Jamie:

“Thank you so much for always listening. Your kindness, compassion, and knowledge are appreciated more than you know. Hollister and all the people you help are so lucky to have you. I have referred several ostomates in my support group to you and the Secure Start services team.”

From Caroline:

“I just wanted to thank you, and to tell you how much I appreciated you taking your time to listen and help me with so many aspects of the ostomy. I realized after talking with you that there are so many more options. Thank you for opening these doors for me. Each person I have talked with has given me advice when explaining ways to take care of my stoma and my skin. They have also given me emotional support when I thought I was ready to give up. Thank you Hollister.”

From Leslie:

"It’s hard to put down in words how grateful my entire family is for you. When my son and I left the hospital with no ostomy nurse available to come to our area, I was more than terrified. My son is very challenged by his Down syndrome and struggles to verbalize things. I thought I was prepared after the ostomy surgery, but after struggling day after day with the darn things (pouches) falling off him, and cleaning messes, and reapplying (pouches) to a boy who was afraid and fighting me, I was at the end of my rope. We had samples from the surgeon’s ostomy nurse which I tried, and did make a trip back, but nothing was working. I was crying daily and setting an alarm for every hour to avoid another mess.

Then I called Hollister to try a sample and to see if maybe you had a product that would last. I feel so blessed that a member of the Secure Start services team took my call. No one has ever cared as much as you do. I appreciate the way you listened to me, asked me questions, truly cared, and followed up several times. You rushed me a sample to try and your brainstorming ideas worked. Not only did the Hollister pouching system stay on him, but it also had a good wear time.

The ideas and links you gave me are amazing and helpful. I shared my story with an ostomy moms support group online along with your phone number. Hopefully other moms can get your support as well. I have so much confidence in your knowledge and the compassionate way you do your job. You have secured a loyal customer for life. I’m grateful to have someone I can count on when I have questions or problems.”


We share these stories in hopes that no matter what happens along your ostomy journey, you know that you can turn to us. Whether you have a question about ostomy supplies, are looking for a supplier who accepts your insurance, or need advice for getting through a tough time, we are here for you. Our personalized services are free of charge, and our support is available for as long as you need it.


Not yet a member of Hollister Secure Start services? To create an account, visit We look forward to walking beside you. And to you, our loyal members – thank you for allowing us to support your ostomy care and help you live your life to the fullest!

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